In Japan, garbage is basically separated into burnable, non burnable and recyclable items. At least two kinds of liter boxes can, therefore, be found in most households and in public places. The exact definition of what is burnable, non burnable and recyclable depends on the municipality. Some examples are :

Burnable : Kitchen garbage, paper, wood etc

Non-Burnable : Glass, chinaware, metal etc

Recyclable : Bottles, cans, PET bottles, newspaper, etc

All households are required to use garbage bags designated by the local authority and placed at the designated pickup point on the morning of the scheduled collection day. Garbage collection days and hours depend on the area you live in. Signs in the neighborhood inform residents about the weekdays on which what type of garbage is collected. Burnable garbage is usually collected on two or three days during the week, while non burnable garbage is usually collected once a week.

The disposal of large sized garbage such as furniture, bicycles and electric appliances is handled by a special collection service against a pick-up fee, usually on an appointment basis. Toxic and hazardous items should also be handled separately.



switzerland thrash

Switzerland has one of the highest rates of waste recycling in the world.

You must use the official refuse bags to dispose of your household rubbish. The purchase price of these grey “Zuger Gemeinde” bag includes a charge that covers the waste disposal costs. They can be purchased in rolls of different sizes from the post office and from larger supermarkets (You may have to ask for them separately at the till). These sacks are then put into the large communal containers near homes or collected on a designated day. The high cost of the refuse bags forced people to think about their garbage. If they are throwing too much garbage, it will cost them. If they don’t use the correct garbage bag, it won’t be collected and you risk a fine.

These refuse bags are not for recyclables. Compost, PET bottles, glass, carton, paper, aluminium cans, batteries and other toxic waste are disposed of separately to household garbage.

Dumping refuse and household waste inappropriately and/or illegally incurs a heavy fine.



Garbage must be separated into thrash or recyclable.

In Taipei City, you need special tax stamped bags for non-recycling stuff, which are sold at most supermarkets and convenience stores.

For recycling stuff (paper, etc.) – does not need to use any special bag. You can use any bag.

If you need to take out your own trash, you need to go on the street and put  everything to the garbage truck. There are typically two pick-up times per day (depend on your location) when garbage truck come to pick up the trash. Just listen for the garbage truck that plays classical music, it should come at the same time every day.

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