Best way to pack clothes

Individually folding each clothing item and stacking them on top of each other results in creases and wrinkles and also waste space in the luggage.

A popular method, that is rolling clothes, can somewhat reduce creases but do not really save space.

The best way to pack clothes is actually bundle wrapping. Bundle wrapping involves wrapping clothes around a central core object, thus avoiding the folds that result in creases.

The size of the core object will depend on the size of your bag and the amount of clothing you need to pack. You can use a pouch (stuffed with socks, undergarments for example) to form the core. Clothing is wrapped in a particular order, with the larger, more tailored and wrinkle-prone garments on the outside of the bundle.

Point to note :

Do not pack anything you may need during the day in the pouch that form the core. Otherwise you need to unbundle and rebundle it.

Do not pack anything that may be rouse suspicion at the airport security, otherwise they will ask you to unbundle your clothes in front of all the other travelers!

You do not need to bundle wrap all your clothing, just the items that you wish to keep crease and wrinkle free.


A demonstration of the bundle method is shown here :