“There was this guy who stayed at least 1 night every week and always requested for the same room. We thought he was doing something illegal in the room so we searched the room after he checked out one day. Turns up he was hiding a blowup doll under the mattress. We threw it away and he only came back once after that.” (Throwing away the doll sounds like a bad business decision though)


Spoilt Microwave 

“A guy complained that his microwave didn’t work. So I went up to the room to check and found that he locked a plate of food in the safe”


Swingers Mass Party

“We had a swingers group stay at the hotel for a few nights. There were naked people everywhere on the floors, the couples were running from room and room and constantly making out. The kids were freaked out by it and other guests complained. One guy found out his wife was pregnant with another guy’s child and he threw the TV out of the window. This happened in a luxury hotel.



“We have a policy in the hotel that if you piss the bed, £50 will be added to the total bill to cover the cost of new sheets and labour cost of the maids. So one day, when this woman and her husband checked out, the maid goes to check on the room and found the bed soaking wet. So £50 was added to the bill. The woman was not happy and was adamant that it wasn’t piss. When the hotel owner was called down to resolve the issue, she finally gives in and says : My husband is a fantastic lover and I had the biggest orgasm of my life”. Now the hotel policy reads : it will cost you £50 if you piss the bed OR cum so hard you ruin the sheets.”


Bear Bear

“At an all inclusive adults only resort, a lady wrote to us and said that she is bringing her child, a stuffed bear called bear bear. Besides requesting for a car seat in the taxi, the management was forced to “bearsit” when she and the husband needed alone time. It was Bear Bear birthday during their stay, so we had to bring in another stuffed bear to be his date. The woman cried when she saw that Bear Bear was sitting at the front desk and accidentally fell over on his face and no one fixed him. The couple even ordered additional plates of lobster/steak and drinks for Bear Bear.”


Source : Reddit