Qoo10 is a joint venture program between Korea’s GMarket and eBay (no wonder the layout of the site is similar to GMarket), it is active in 6 countries : Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Hong Kong. When you buy an item from Qoo10, the payments are made to Qoo10 first. When the buyer confirm that the sale and delivery had been completed, Qoo10 then transfer the payment to the seller. In case of dispute, Qoo10 will help to resolve the issue. Users thus have the confidence to buy and sell online at Qoo10.

The website look very messy and it put me off initially, but the cheap prices on the website gave me the motivation to learn how to navigate the site. Here is a simple guide on how to shop and get the best deals on Qoo10 :


This is the main page, messy and complicated isn’t it? Fret not.

See the highlighted black box, if you know what you are looking for, simply search for the item. Otherwise see the drop down list for the different categories.

Let’s say you choose the category Tops/Shirts under Women’s Fashion, you would see something like that. Each box represent a shop and each shop sells many products.


Lets say you are interested in the sports top as shown in the 3rd box, so you click on it.


You will see that this seller is a Power seller (see the part highlighted in red), which means that buyers are satisfied with the products and services of this seller.

Each seller will put many items in one webpage, there will be a base price, term as the Q-price or Time Sale Price. The base price will be the price of the cheapest item in this shop. Since different items or size will have difference prices, the seller will add option fee to the different items. The actual price you will pay will appear after you have click what you want to buy.

Scroll down the page to see the descriptions, size charts, and more photos of the items before you decide what to buy. Take note of the item codes of the items you want to buy, make your selection and check out and pay! Easy!

Now we show you some ways to save money while shopping on Qoo10.

Register as a member

First of all, purchase an item as a member instead of as a guest because order made as a member will earn Qpoints and Q-stamps.


Q-stamps can be used to draw or exchange discount/cart/shipping coupons and charge Qtalk Callpoint. How to earn Q-stamps? Simply by purchasing items on the site, Q-stamps will be issued once the customer completes the order if the seller applied Q-stamps as a promotion to the item. Or you can write a review after you have received the products. A review with a photo or video will earn 2 Q-stamps, a review without will earn 1 Q-stamp.


Qpoints are earned after the buyer has received the items purchased and click on the “Confirm Delivery” button. Qpoints are calculated based on 1% of the purchase price up to a maximum of 10 Qpoints per purchase. Qpoints can be used to purchase coupon packs or used to offset payment when you make the next purchase.

Group Buy

As the name suggest, Group Buy means that a group of buyers are buying the products at the same time, thus special discount is applied. Shipping starts when the item show “Deal is On!”. If by the time the group buy ends, the minimum quantity sold is not met, then the orders will be cancelled. Transferring fees will not be refunded when cancelled.

Check out the Group Buy items here.

I hope the above is useful to you.