Handmade unique decorative skulls

skulla skull

Each skull is made by hand so you can be sure your skull will be a unique decoration. All the skulls are anatomical size, they are based on gypsum and materials such as: pebbles, pebbles half, rhinestones, animal horns or flowers.Skulls can be ordered as a complete skull, piggy bank or opened skull.Check out more at skulla.pl


Sugar Skull Flask



Skull graphic T-shirt (from Tshirt Factory)

tshirt factory skull tshirt tshirt factory skull tshirt 2


Vintage style skull necklace (from Etsy)

skull necklace

Sexy Women’s Sugar Skull Bra (from Etsy)

skull design bra

Skull Bookshelves

james hopkins skull display

Artist James Hopkins used everyday items like clocks, bottles, guitars, books etc to create a clever suggestion of skull. See more idea on his website


it luggage Skull Emboss 3 piece Spinner Luggage Set

it luggage set

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X-ray Deck of Cards

xray deck of cards

Ever wished you can somehow figure out what your opponents had up their sleeves? These cards may be the closest you can get to seeing past right through them…down to their teeth and brains! Unique deck of cards that will surely provide transparency at your next poker night.

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Biting Skull Bottle Opener

skull bottle opener

Open a bottle in style with this Bronze hand cast bottle opener. It will bite through the toughest of bottle caps, teeth marks may be left behind!

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Cowboy Hat



4 skull leather/stainless steel bracelet