The arrow linking “A” to “Z” to say that they have everything from “A” to “Z”. The arrow is shaped like a smile to signify satisfied customers.



audi logo

The four-ring emblem symbolises the merger in 1932 of four previously independent motor-vehicle manufactures : Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer.


Baskins Robbins

baskins robbins logo

Do you notice the number 31 has been incorporated within the “B” and “R” initials in pink? The 31 logo represent an ice-cream flavor for every day of the month.




Do you notice an arrow (which represents speed and precision) between the “E” and the “x”?



mercedes benz logo

The three-pointed star symbolize the company’s ambition of universal motorization – “on land, on water and in the air”.



nike logo

Nike refers to the goddess of victory in ancient Greek religion. The world famous swoosh symbol for Nike was designed by Carolyn Davidson more than 40 years ago when she was still a student at Portland State. She met the co-founder of Nike Phil Knight who was a young associate professor of accounting at the University, who offered her a job to design the logo for their inhouse brand of shoe. For her effort she was paid $35. However in recognition of her contribution, the founders later presented her with 500 Nike stocks.


Sun Microsystems


No matter which direction you turn the logo, you can still read the word “Sun”



toblerone logo

Do you spot a bear in the mountain? The reason is because this chocolate company originated from the city of Bern, Switzerland, which is also known as the City of Bears.


Tour De France


The splash of yellow reflects the famous maillot jaune awarded to the winner of each stage, but also forms part of a neat little typographic sketch of a cyclist formed within the word ‘Tour’.




The “V” stands for “Volks” which means people in German and the “W” stands for “Wagen” which means car in German. It thus translates to “People’s Automobile” in German.