alex through the looking glass

Alex Bellos polled more than 30,000 people from across the world on what is their favourite numbers, and surprisingly number seven is the favourite. No wonder top footballers like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo wear jersey number 7.

His book, Alex Trough the Looking Glass contains a more detailed analysis of the data. Below are some of the most engaging replies from people polled on why they choose their favourite numbers :

Rank no 1 : 7

“I was born in 1977 in the seventh month during the seventh hour. My older brother is seven years older. My younger brother is 7 years younger. It just feels like my number”

‘People, don’t usually tend to pick 7, and I like to be different”  (Well how wrong you are!)


Rank no 2 : 3

“It’s curly, but not pretentious curly like eight”


Rank no 3 : 8

“Because this was the age I was when I first realised my own mortality”

“When the 8 is shown in a LED display, all the LEDS must be turned on. For this reason, when I was a child I thought that every number was a “little part” of an eight”


Rank no 4 : 4

“I have no idea why – I have always liked arranging things in groups of four. And feel quite cross if I can’t”


Rank no 5 : 5

“Because it is such a nice number and is there when I am lonely and cold and in need of a loving friend”


Rank no 6 : 13

“Because it’s different. I like odd numbers, especially three, and people think it’s unlucky, so I choose something others would not”


Rank no 7 : 9

“I love this number because it looks to me like an arm trying to scoop you in to give you a hug. A number nine could actually hug you and give you a kiss … it looks strong and happy and I love it”


Rank no 8 : 6

“It’s just always seemed so fat and happy, sitting there like a cat”


Rank no 9 : 2

“One is lonely; three is unbalanced someone is inevitably on the outside looking in; two is parity, balance, team. Everything above these three numbers is excess”


Rank no 10 : 11

“I just like the sound of it, maybe because it sounds like heaven”


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